7th Asia International Conference on Tribology & 9th China International Conference on Tribology

Welcome Message

Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB) is a grand international event under the auspices of the Asian Tribology Council (ATC), the union of the national tribology societies/institutions of Asia-Pacific countries such as China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Malaysia and others. The conference is held every four years with the involvement of scientists and engineers from both academia and industry. The 6th ASIATRIB was held from September 17 to 20, 2018 in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia. The 7th ASIATRIB was planned to be held in September 2022 in Beijing, China, which was postponed because of the epidemic.

China International Conference on Tribology (CICT) is under the auspices of the Chinese Tribology Institution. CICT is also a mega international event and attracts broad participation of scientists and engineers from universities and the industry all around the world. Since 1993, the CICT has been successfully held for 8 times, including 1st (Beijing, 1993), 2nd (Beijing, 1998), 3rd (Beijing, 2001), 4th (Xi'an, 2004), 5th (Beijing, 2008), 6th (Lanzhou, 2011), 7th (Xuzhou, 2014), and 8th (Beijing, 2017, with the WTC 2017 held at the same time). The 9th CICT was planned to be held from September 15 to 18, 2020 in Chengdu, China, which was postponed because of the epidemic.

In the coming 2024, the Chinese Tribology Institution cordially invites and welcomes you to the 7th Asia International Conference on Tribology (ASIATRIB2024) & 9th China International Conference on Tribology (CICT2024). The joint conference will take place in Tianjin, China, from September 14 to 18, 2024. During the conference, brilliant and pioneering ideas could be shared among academicians, researchers, engineers and students. The conference can also build a bridge between academia and industry. We look forward to meeting tribology colleagues around the world in the historical and vibrant city of Tianjin in September 2024.


Major Tracks

  1. Friction and Lubrication (Chair: Yonggang Meng, Roland Larsson)
  2. Wear and Fatigue (Chair: Yongzhen Zhang, Dae Eun Kim, Minghao Zhu)
  3. Coatings and Surfaces Engineering (Chair: Tianmin Shao, Noritsugu Umehara)
  4. Tribo-chemistry and Lubricants (Chair: Feng Zhou, Seong Kim)
  5. Biotribology and Biomimetics (Chair: Zhongmin Jin, Stanislav N. Gorb)
  6. Nanotribology and Superlubricity (Chair: Chenhui Zhang, Linmao Qian, Koshi Adachi)
  7. Tribology in New Energy System (Chair: Zuankai Wang, Georg Jacobs)
  8. Aerospace and Ocean Tribology (Chair: Junyan Zhang, Chengqing Yuan, Liqin Wang)
  9. Industry Tribology and Instruments (Chair: Jiadao Wang, Gwidon Stachowiak, Kun Zhou)


About Tianjin

Tianjin is a municipality and a coastal metropolis in Northern China on the shore of the Bohai Sea. It is one of the nine national central cities in Mainland China. The name of Tianjin, meaning "the Emperor's Port", came into being in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Tianjin is a List of National Famous Historical and Cultural Cities in China, which has emerged from ancient times due to water transport. At present, Tianjin is one of the most livable cities of China, a national model city for environmental protection. It is also a hot investment destination and innovation center. Tianjin is a good choice as a travel destination. There are historical relics, nature scenery, churches, temples and commemorative sites of the Chinese revolution, it will illuminate past, present and future of Tianjin. It is also famous as a Chinese traditional culture city, such as Yangliuqing Spring Festival woodblock picture, Allegro (a traditional rap art, belonging to the Chinese genre rhyme of folk art forms), Crosstalk, Peking Opera and so on.



The conference official language is English.



14th - 18th September 2024

14th September: Registration, Welcome Reception (evening)

15th September: Opening Ceremony

15th – 18th September: Technical Sessions Symposia, Special Exhibition, Product Display, and Advertising Promotion

17th September:  Banquet


Important Date

Abstract Submission: 1st October 2023 – 29th February 2024

Acceptance Notice: 31th March 2024

Program Upload: 30th July 2024


Conference Committee

Chair: Jianbin Luo

Co-Chair: Zhongrong Zhou

Organization Committee Chair: Xinchun Lu

Co-Chair: Jiadao Wang, Feng Zhou, Linmao Qian, Kali Gu

Organization committee Members:

Aiying Wang       Dagang Wang       Fangli Duan        Fanming Meng

Haitao Duan        Jianmei Wang       Jiaxin Yu             Jibin Pu

Junyan Zhang     Le Gu                        Liqing Wang         Minghao Zhu

Patrick Wong        Pingping Yao         Shizhong He       Wenhu Xu

Xiuqun Bai            Youxi Lin                 Zhiguang Guo      Zhinan Zhang

Zuankai Wang

Secretary General: Yongyong He, Zhimin Chai, Daoai Wang, Liang Jiang




Weimin Liu


Shirong Ge

Xinping Yan

Academic Committee Members

Chenghui Gao (China)         Chengqing Yuan (China)

Dae-Eun Kim (Korea)        Dekun Zhang (China)

Deli Duan (China)                  Edward Salek (USA)

Enrico Ciulli (Italy)             Erjia Liu (Singapore)

Feng Guo (China)                Friedrich Franek (Austria)

Guobiao Wang (China)          Gwidon Stachowiak (Australia)

H. Peter Jost (ITC President, deceased)

Haidou Wang (China)             Huawei Chen (China)

Irina G. Goryacheva (Russia)      Hugh A. Spikes (UK)

Izhak Etsion (Israel)                 Jane Wang (USA)

Jean Frene (France)               Jian Li (China)

Jianning Ding (China)           José Daniel Biasoli de Mello (Brazil)

Jun Hong (China)                       Kenneth Holmberg (Finland)

Kexing Song (China)                Kristian Tonder (Norway)

Kun Liu (China)                          Liping Wang (China)

Liqin Wang (China)                   Maria-Dolores Bermudez (Spain)

Michel Fillon (France)              Ming Li (China)

Nicholas D. Spencer (Switzerland)           Nikolai K. Myshkin (Belarus)

Patrick G. Swan (South Africa)                  Ping Huang (China)

Qihua Wang (China)                    Roland Larsson (Sweden)

Salmiah Kasolang (Malaysia)                  Stanislaw Plaza (Poland)

Satish V. Kailas (India)                 Tianmin Shao (China)

Wilfried J. Bartz (Germany)      Xianghui Meng (China)

Xing Huang (China)                       Xudong Peng (China)

Ying Liu (China)                              Yonggang Meng (China)

Yongzhen Zhang (China)              Yoshitsugu Kimura (Japan)

Yu Hou (China)                                 Yunfei Chen (China)

Zhendong Dai (China)                    Zhijun Zhang (China)

Zhiwu Han (China)                          Zhongmin Jin (China)


Darong Chen (China)                   Luquan Ren (China)

Qunji Xue (China)                             Siwei Zhang (China)

Wanzhen Gao (China)                      Youbai Xie (China)

Yuanzhong Hu (China)                     Yuanzhong Lei (China)

Yuming Wang (China)


Website: http://www.ASIATRIB-CICT2024.com


Contact Information:

Zhimin Chai